"Perhaps the best way to explain [Julia] would be if Norah Jones, Tom Waits, Billie Holiday, and Lyle Lovett had a musical orgy and let you watch behind a curtain of burning lace and a whiskey waterfall.  I'll bring the unfiltered cigarettes, you bring your soul."  - Out of Print Magazine

Julia Othmer is a "captivating" piano-playing singer/songwriter known for her energetic live performances. Tracks from her critically acclaimed debut album, Oasis Motel, have been featured on such shows as Witches of East End, Switched at BirthThe Lying Game, Army Wives, Party of Five, and DeGrassi: The Next Generation and earned her songwriting awards from the Billboard World Song Contest and the International Songwriting Competition.  Julia performed on the Lilith Fair tour (alongside such greats as Sarah McLachlan, Emmylou Harris, Heart, and Ingrid Michaelson).  She has shared the stage with Regina Spektor, Lisa Loeb, Amos Lee, and John Waite among others.

Supported by a successful Kickstarter campaign, Julia has completed her new album "SOUND" - a collaboration with producer/composer James "JT" Lundie.  A limited release of SOUND was available for her Kickstarter backers, fans and friends and will be officially released in the autumn of 2018.  

Julia is passionate about books & libraries, the New York Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle, and ancient civilizations.  She lives in Los Angeles.  Her true hometown is Kansas City.

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“SOUND is a self-made record with a big-label sound. It is rich in space and soaring dynamics and rife with layers and textures and melodies and grooves."
- Tim Finn, Kansas City Star - for the full article, click HERE

"it's brilliant, melodic, fiery, and moving, just like Julia herself. If you're looking for new music to listen to, check it out and get ready to feel the sound of a true artist. And congrats to James Lundie on the beautiful production."
-Abdi Nazemian, Author of "The Authentics" and "The Walk-In Closet," Producer and Screenwriter

"I've been listening to her new CD and it is flat out great...the songs are powerful, the singing is great, and the production is great."
Bob McWilliams, Kansas Public Radio, host of "Trail Mix"

"Perhaps the best way to explain it would be if Nora Jones, Tom Waits, Billy Holiday and Lyle Lovett had a musical orgy and let you watch behind a curtain of burning lace and a whiskey waterfall. I¹ll bring the unfiltered cigarettes, you bring your soul."
- Jena Serbu, Out of Print Magazine

" ease and relaxed at the piano, as if it was a good friend...her singing voice was strong and uncompromising, her playing direct."
- Sonya Alexander, NYC Examiner

"She is a singer/songwriter with a cute, funky attitude and haunting pipes that leave listeners in awe. She captivated with the dramatic pounding of the piano keys and passionate singing."
- Jenna Putnam, The Deli


"It is so powerful... just amazingly moving.  I can't say enough about it.  Thank you for doing this - especially for the veterans who need help."
- Mike Tucci, Veteran

"Very few things can soothe the savage beast.  This worked."
- Freddy Cordova, NVF Counselor & Veteran of Four Tours in Iraq

"This is a beautiful song.  Really gorgeous.  The video is really moving... thank you for sharing it with us."
- Bruce Greenwood, Actor/Artist

"This video encompasses all the emotions of the ones left behind after the 9/11 attacks.  It made me feel more connected than I have ever been before."
- Donna Navarro, Specialist -91C- Combat Army Medic

"My God - I'm shaking, have goose bumps, and am completely speechless.  This video is amazing." 
- Lisa Lukens