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Excited to performing this Friday night with a FULL BAND at WITZEND in Venice, CA!  I will be joined on stage by these incredible gentlemen - Bryan Baker on guitar, Chris Roy on bass, and Andy Sanesi on drums!  We start at 9:30PM, but the night starts way earlier - come early and stay late for a great night of music!  Also playing:  7:30PM - Eric Binkley ;  8:30PM - Cuñao ; and to finish off the night - Jon Morrow and the Landslide at 10:45PM!  Hope to see you there!

Honorable Mention... 

Very honored to be included in this review by "The Hollywood Progressive" of a show celebrating Jeb Milne and his legacy at WitZend Live - Jeb - you are loved and missed.  For the full story, click here!

What's Next... 

It's been a wonderful past month - I had the privilege of performing several shows of different types - a tribute, an outdoor extravaganza - Kansas City's WaterFire - several private parties, a surprise birthday party, house concerts... I love love love performing!  Drove over 3000 miles, flew overseas, and have been inspired and rejuvenated!  I am getting ready to hunker down and write a load more music, start working on pre-production for my upcoming album and get things going on!!!  Thank you, AS ALWAYS, for your continued interest and support.  Looking forward to playing you new music soon!


Thrilled to be a part of Waterfire Kansas City.  This year's event takes place on Friday October 11 and Saturday October 12.  I will be performing solo on the Folk Alliance Stage on Saturday October 12th @ 6pm.  Come and celebrate with us!

"Pull Me Back" on "Witches of East End" TONIGHT! (Sunday August 24th) 

I am very thrilled and honored that my song "Pull Me Back" will be aired on tonight's episode of "Witches of East End" on Lifetime Channel!  Though I don't have a TV, I am going to be begging my awesome neighbor to let me view the episode at her place!  : )  Really curious and excited to see how they incorporate my music in their vision of their show!  SO EXCITED!!!  How does it get even better than this??!?!?!

Guess Who Dropped In To Hear How the Recording Is Going?!?! 

Had a very special visitor in the studio!  It's not everyday that a LEGEND - the inimitable Don Randi, one of my favorite people ever - drops by to hear how the recording is coming along. I can't say enough about how amazing this man is - so inspiring & kind & supportive & & &!!! And by the way, he has played &/or recorded with Elvis (yes... THE Elvis), Nancy Sinatra, Frank Sinatra, the Beach Boys, Phil Spector... the list goes on and on... wow... how did I get so lucky?!?!

What's Going On! 

In my home studio - writing writing writing - coming up with new songs... polishing older ones... having such a great time! 

Starting to post some videos of live performance, so definitely stay in touch!

And NEXT SHOW in LOS ANGELES is Saturday August 16th @ WitZend in Venice, CA.  You can get advance TICKETS HERE!  This performance will be a full band show featuring Jamie Kime on guitar, Chris Roy on bass, and Andy Sanesi on drums!  We will be playing some new music and so excited to see you there!


I always feel like the luckiest girl in the world when I know I am going to be playing TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT!!!  Come and join us!!!  We will be performing at WitZend in Venice, CA  (1717 Lincoln Boulevard @ Superba)... and thrilled to be joined on stage by some tremendously talented musicians - Jamie Kime (Frank Zappa, Jewel) on guitar, Chris Roy (Nancy Sinatra, Sophie B Hawkins) on bass, and Andy Sanesi (Eminem, Sonny Liston) on drums!!!  OH YES YES YES!

And please come early because WitZend will be hosting music ALL NIGHT LONG!  What a great way to spend an evening, right?  Discovering new music!  7pm - Sofia Wolfson Music Page; 8pm - Sawyer Auger; 9pm - John Clinebell; 10pm - No Convention!!!  HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!  Tickets are only $10!!!  For advance tickets, please go HERE!

Summer Just Keeps on Going! 

Hard to believe summer is almost halfway over!  It all is going by so quickly!  I was in Kansas City doing several house concerts and private events and now I am back in LA, getting geared up to go back into the studio to keep on keepin' on! 

Just wanted to give you a heads up about my next FULL BAND SHOW in Los Angeles - Friday July 18th @ 11pm at WitZend in Venice (1717 LIncoln Boulevard @ Superba).  There is a great line-up of music all night, so please come early and stay late!  Also performing:  7pm - Sofia Wolfson; 8pm - Sawyer Auger; 9pm - John Clineball; 10pm - No Convention and then it's us at 11pm to close out the night!  I am honored to be accompanied by Jamie Kime on guitar, Chris Roy on bass, and Andy Sanesi on drums!  OH YES!!  Summer KEEP IT COMING! 


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