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Happy Springtime to all of you!  So much has been going on behind the scenes... I have started working on an album with entirely new music... been hunkered down at the home studio writing writing writing working working working recording recording recording!  I am very much looking forward to sharing the new music with you as SOON AS IT IS READY TO GO!!!

In the meantime, I will be performing this Friday night at WitZend (one of my favorite listening venues in LA)!!!  I am honored to be accompanied by Erik Eldenius on drums, David Sutton on bass and Jamie Kime on guitar!  Please join us for what is an entire evening of female-fronted bands (that's right... LADIES ROCK)...  Here's the line-up, so please come early and stay late!!

7pm - Jaq
8pm - Nicki Bove
9pm - Julia Othmer
10pm - Aubrey Logan
11pm - Eloah Shaddai Scaggs

For advance tickets, please click here!  Hope to see you this FRIDAY!!!!


I have been incredibly reclusive this month of January - holing up in a Midwest hideaway - writing, writing, writing.  It can be so good to take time to be by yourself (with a piano, of course)!  And so it will be with great enthusiasm that I return to LA this week and have the first show of the new year!  This Saturday, February 1st, come ON DOWN to WitZend in Venice (1717 Lincoln Boulevard @ Superba) and join us!  I am so honored to be accompanied by Erik Eldenius on drums, John Schreffler, Jr. on guitar, and David Sutton on bass!  It will be so much fun and I hope to see you there!  We hit the stage at 9pm promptly, but come early and stay late for a whole night of music - 8pm - Check in the Dark and at 11pm - The Graves Brothers!  HAPPY NEW YEARRRRRRR!!!!!

Bring It ON, 2014! 

Happiest of happy new year wishes to you all !  May 2014 be an incredible time... I am excited for new beginnings and adventures!  Hope to see you soon!

The Skinny on November 

Shaping up to be a curious month and I am already celebrating giving thanks.  I head to Paris tomorrow (I was gifted a trip - WOW) and you better believe I am going to find a piano SOMEWHERE and play it!  Then, heading back to LA to finish up "Stockholm 8" - my next album that has been long overdue!!!  : )  AND AND then as a perfect finish to what I hope will be an incredible month - the next FULL BAND show in Los Angeles - Saturday November 30th at 9PM at WitZend in Venice!  I LOVE NOVEMBER!!!!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT CONCERT @ The Baked Potato in Studio City! 

Playing this Wednesday night at the WORLD FAMOUS BAKED POTATO in Studio City.  Joining me on stage will be Erik Eldenius on drums, Johnny Griparic on bass, and John Schreffler, Jr. on guitar!  So EXCITED to be sharing the night with one of my favorite people - MR. JEFF YOUNG and his BAND!  Come on down - it's going to be a GREAT night!!! 


It has been a beautiful whirlwind of a music weekend - a birthday party show on Friday, a wedding celebration show on Saturday, and a club show on Sunday!  How did I get so lucky?!?!?  Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who came out to the Riot Room on Sunday night and packed the house!  I had such a good time and hope to be back in KC again with the FULL BAND soon!  Huge thank you to Erik Eldenius, Johnny Griparic and John Schreffler, Jr. for sharing the stage with me and thank you to Broken Bravado for opening up the night... Thank you to Mike Borgia for booking us and the staff for taking such good care of us!  

UP NEXT - This weekend, I am honored to be performing at WaterFire on the Plaza Saturday night!  Some of Kansas City's finest arts organizations and performers will be collaborating for an amazing evening of public art performance!  So excited!  For all of the details, please click HERE!!!  


I am BEYOND excited to be bringing my FULL BAND for a show in KANSAS CITY this SUNDAY night OCTOBER 6th at the RIOT ROOM! 

Joining me will be the amazing men with whom it is my privilege and pleasure to be playing:  Erik Eldenius (Billy Idol, Cher, LeAnn Rimes) on drums, Johnny Griparic (Slash's Snakepit, Carole King) on bass, and John Schreffler, Jr. (Gin Wigmore, Shooter Jennings) on guitar!  And John's band, BROKEN BRAVADO, will be starting off the night (one of my favorite bands and John is one of my favorite songwriters/performers/guitar players)...
All in all, I'm telling you... It's going to be a good night!  I hope you will join us!  Tickets are ONLY $10!!!  You can purchase tickets by clicking HERE!  The show starts at 7:30 so PLENTY of time to see the Chiefs game and be able to get up for work the next day!  HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!  I am REALLY REALLY REALLY looking forward to it!


This Saturday - WORLD PEACE DAY - Venice celebrates its music scene with the VENICE MUSIC CRAWL!!!  

I will be performing at WitZend with Erik Eldenius on drums, Johnny Griparic on bass, and John Schreffler Jr. on guitar at 7:00PM!!!  There will be live music ALL DAY and ALL EVENING and ALL up and down LINCOLN BOULEVARD IN VENICE.  Also playing at WitZend:  2pm - The Strands; 3pm - Amanda Dumas; 4pm - Joe Con; 5pm - Drew Ryan; 6pm - Karen Goh; 7pm - Julia Othmer; 9pm - Eddie Grey; 10pm - Kenton Chen; 11pm - Keaton Simons!!!  HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!!


Once again I find myself tremendously grateful... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who packed the house last night at WitZend!  The band and I had such a fantastic time and the audience was so AWESOME!  Great music all night!  SAVE THE DATE for the next show - Saturday September 14th @ 9pm @ WitZend!!!  Hope to see you then... 

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